Some Memories Never Fade

We all have days like, the graduation, the sweet sixteen party, the eighteenth birthday going legal, the first travelling experience on your own, the first date, the day you got proposed, the day you put a ring on them and many other days that truly touch your mind and soul. These days can be very unique and special for us that we only get to live in it once in our entire lifetime and although we can organize such an event, it won’t be possible to get the moment of all the first times and special reasons that were behind them.

We sometimes may wish how amazing it is to have these special moments not only captured as photographs but also in the form of live videos that can be watched whenever we want. Even after years after the moment, these will make it possible for you to move back in time in reliving such great memories. This is one reason pre wedding photos fantastic idea to plan ahead plays a very big role in an event like that. People get into marriage hoping that it would last a life time and forever more and such lasting events need lasting memories to be looked into.

There can be so many of us who think that spending so much for photography or videos is actually insane and useless but it takes a while for them to realize how great it is to have hired a professional person for the job to make it all worthwhile. Here you go with some great valid reasons as to why you should be hiring a professional for this.

¨       Audio

The one main reason will be that the sounds and quality of the audio wouldn’t be that effective with the background noises. Even if you take a really good camera, the audio effects and balancing varies and it will only work perfectly in the hands of a professional unless otherwise you got professional skills.

¨       Video

The professional videographers have special equipment that has a good blend of temperature tones and saturation, contrast and focusing. Sometimes when you try to take photos or record videos from other’s cameras you might have realized how out of focus it is till the end of the recording. Imagine someone ruining a perfect moment capturing in wedding photography at JS Photography.  How will they feel? Knowing that the moment cannot be brought back to life, it will be very irritating.

¨       360o

These ceremonies are usually very eventful and there will be many things happening one after the other and if you had a friend taking photos of you, the most important photos will completely go off the hook so in order to give a 360 coverage overview, it’s better to have 2 to 3 professional photographers to capture these.

These are some of the essential reasons why you should have a professional as some memories are never meant to fade.